Facilities (Capsule Section)

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This category of dosage involves the use of hard gelatin capsules. The empty shells are purchased from registered vendors. Empty shells are checked for their weight, size and dimensions. Material is separately prepared taking care the size of the empty shell and the bulk density of the material. During this filling operation care is being taken to check the relative humidity and temperature of the area. During the whole procedure the relative humidity of the area should not be above 35% and temperature not above 25° C. Empty shells are subject to loader which under the influence of vacuum loads these shells into a tray. These shells are then separated from the cap by a separating tray. The tray containing the body is then subjected to aguar filling machine. Powder is being filled with the help of aguar. Again the tray is overloaded with the tray containing the caps and is then subjected to the locking device. The capsules are locked with the help of pressurized air. Filled capsules are visually inspected for the damages on the conveyer belt and then are polished with the help of polishing machine. Polished capsules are taken in crate in a plastic bag and then sent to the packaging department. Capacity : 1440 capsules in one minute 6 lakhs capsules in one shift of 8 hrs.

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