Facilities (Tablets Section)

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Several categories are presently manufactured under this section namely tablet generic, hormone, oncology and betalactum. Separate areas are allocated to each category of the product. Each product is manufactured as per the procedure laid down by the Master formula. The Master formula is made by the Quality Assurance department after considering the composition and the stability of the product. Master formula is handed over by Quality Assurance to the manufacturing department for production purpose. Tablets are generally prepared by mixing dry powder in a mass mixture than added the binder and allowed it to mix till formation of lumps. These lumps are than passed through the multi-mill for the formation of granules. Granules are than dried in a steam of filtered air in a machine named as Fluid Bed Drier. These dried granules are than mixed with lubricating material in a ribbon mixture. These lubricated granules are than compressed to form the tablets. During compression in process quality control measure are taken care like friability, disintegration, hardness etc. Some of the tablets if required are subject to coating. Different type of coating is done on tablets. Coating is selected as per the market trends available for a particular drug. Sugar coating, film coating, and enteric coating are some of the common coatings done on tablets. Generally, sugar coating is done with the ingredients like sugar, gelatin, talc, shellac etc. In film coating, Aqueous and Non-Aqueous coating is available. In Aqueous coating water is the main vehicle along with HPMC, color, talc, polyethylene glycol etc. In Non-Aqueous coating Methylene Chloride and IPA are the main vehicle, other ingredients remain the same. In enteric coat vehicle used IPA and methylene chloride along with Enteric coating material instead of HPMC.

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