Facilities (External Preparations)

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This section includes preparations intended for application to the skin. This includes lotions, topical solution and mouth washes etc. Lotions are usually liquid suspensions or dispersion intended for external application to the body. They are prepared by triturating the ingredients to a smooth paste and than cautiously adding the remaining liquid phase. Colloidal mill is used for this purpose. Topical solutions are liquid preparations containing one or more soluble ingredients usually dissolved in distilled water. Mouth washes are aqueous solutions, usually in concentrated form intended for use, after dilution with warm water. External preparations are prepared in SS vessel attached with stirrer. Distilled water is used for the preparation. Stabilizers and Preservatives are also added. After preparation final pH is checked. These preparations are then transferred to filling vessel with the help of transfer pump after passing through filter press. The solution is than filled in bottles which may be glass , PET or HDPE. According to the nature of the medicament. Glass bottles used are previously washed with distilled water and dried in dryer while the PET and HDPE bottles are cleaned with vacuum. Bottles are filled with the help of filling machine attached with pistons. The filled bottles are capped manually and sealed with the help of filling machine. After visual inspection, these bottles are then delivered for labeling and packing. Capacity: 50,000 bottles per shift of 8hrs

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