Facilities (Dry Powder for Oral Suspension)

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Powder for oral suspension is formulated if a liquid preparation has a limited shelf- life because of physical or chemical instability. In this case the active ingredient is mixed with diluent base which is mainly dried sucrose. It also contains suspending agents, preservative, sweetener, color and flavor. All the materials are first sifted through sifter and then mixed in Roto cube Mixer. Mixing is done for a specific time for proper mixing. Samples are sent for validation of mixing. Product is also checked for its pH, viscosity, taste and flavour. The whole process of mixing and filling is done under controlled conditions of the area. The Relative Humidity should not be more than 35% and temperature should not be more than 25° C. The powder is filled as per dosage units in glass, PET or HDPE bottles. The glass bottles are cleaned with distilled water and are dried in drier. The PET and HDPE bottles are cleaned with the help of vacuum. The powder is filled in bottles with the help of aguar machine with timer setting. Weight variation, Relative Humidity and Temperature record is maintained after each half an hour. The capping of bottles is done manually and sealed with sealing machine. After Visual Inspection, the bottles are delivered for labeling and packing. Capacity: 50,000 bottles per shift of 8 hrs.

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