Facilities (Ointments)

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Ointments are prepared by mixing oil phase and water phase. Oil phase includes light liquid paraffin, white soft paraffin and emulsifying waxes. Oil phase is first heated to 70° C in a steam jacketed Planetary Mixer. The active ingredient is dissolved separately in previously heated propylene glycol or distilled water and added to above. The water phase is prepared by heating distilled water to 60°C. Preservatives and Stabilizers are added. The oil phase is mixed with water phase at 55 to 65°C in steam jacketed Planetary Mixer with continuous stirring. The material is then cooled and filled in aluminum tubes according to dosage form with the help of tube filling machine. The aluminum tubes are pre-printed and are purchased from the registered vendor. Weight variation is done after each half an hour. After Visual Inspection the tubes are delivered to packing department. Capacity: 30, 000 tubes per shift of 8 hrs

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