Facilities (Sterile Powder For Injection)

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The company has a capacity to manufacture 60,000 bottles of 60 ml per day, the process involves the heating, mixing, filtration, filling, capping, sealing, checking, labeling, packing and then testing before release. The heating part involves the manufacturing of syrup solution which can contain sugar, sorbitol as per the master formula. The heating process involves reducing the TVC and other bacterias which are present though in small companies in de-mineralized water, heated material is than transferred to the mixing vessels. Material is cooled and medicaments and other ingredients are added as per the product master formula. Product is than physically checked by the manufacturing chemist for its pH, flavor and taste. The material is passed to the 8 plates filter press with filters loaded in between the plates as per the Sop for the product. The filter press, the pump and the filling vessel are joint to each other in a row. Material from the filling vessel is sucked by pipes of pistons attached to the filling machine. Washed dried bottles are running in front of the filling machine on the conveyer. They are filled, capped, sealed and checked. These bottles again are taken to a turn table where they are labeled with a sticker machine and are packed in carton. Further these bottles are packed in shipper carton. During this process record is maintained on a form namely PT1 which exhibits name of all the persons involved during the process. This form is than attached to the manufacturing record and forwarded to the administrative block. During the packing samples are drawn by the analyst who has been conveyed by the packaging department for the sample withdrawn. The moment the contents are checked as OK as per the claim goods are than allowed to dispatch.

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