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Kwality Pharmaceuticals Ltd., India is interested in Technology Transfer to the interested parties of any country. The Technology Transfer includes designing of manufacturing facilities of all categories within the experience of the company and the management of manufacturing processes along with the administrative part. The registration in most countries is a lengthy and expensive process and is required for every product. Whereas the manufacturing unit of a country needs a one-time license for manufacturing a particular category and the product approval is easy to process after getting the license. Kwality Pharmaceutical is experienced with the manufacturing of various products which normally covers 60 percent of the Government Tender items for hospitals. The items of Liquid Orals are heavy in transportation, so local buying is economical. Similarly, in these times of globalization, the economical bulk drugs are the available world over, so one country is not competent to give a complete range of bulk drugs at economical pricing. There is no restriction on the manufacturer to buy bulk drugs from the WHO GMP company and the formulator needs only GMP certificate for his domestic supplies. Kwality Pharmaceutical can fully support in the manufacturing of all types of formulations. We invite prospective clients who are interested to set up a unit in their country for Govt. supplies and for local marketing. There are two types of proposals for setting up formulation units.1. Semi-finished formulation requiring only packing2. Complete formulation units requiring bulk manufacturing of formulation and packing are ready to establish both types of organization for a prospective client. The semi-finished formulation is like tablets in a bulk jar of 1000 tablets or 10000 tablets which will be further blistered and packed in the country. Similarly the bulk packing of liquids and injections without labeling each individual dosage form can be supplied which will be further labeled and packed in the country of consumption. The complete unit for manufacturing cannot also be installed according to the capacity required by the prospective client. The complete formulation unit is the manufacturing of tablets from bulk drug and excipient to granulation, compression, coating, packing, and testing. Similarly, for other categories like liquid and injection, the manufacturing unit can be designed. The unit will be designed as per day production requirement. The agreement to transfer technology can be entered by negotiation and mutual contact. The terms can be settled mutually. The interested clients may contact:

Ramesh Arora
Mob. +91-9814052314
Ph. (Off):Ramesh Arora(Managing Director)- +91-98140523, Fax: ramesh@kwalitypharma,com
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